Rereading Nineteen Eightyfour – Part II Chap 9 (21)

As Winston reads Goldstein’s book, a bomb goes off at a distance, yet and he feels a sense of safety, alone in a room with no telescreen.

The book reassured him as it  told him nothing new, only described and confirmed.

Winston turned back to Chapter 1 when he heard Julia enter.  She fling herself into  his arms and he said;

‘I’ve got the book,’ 

She wasn’t interested.   Julia made coffee, then later, in bed, he  took up the book telling her that she had to read it; that “All members of the Brotherhood have to read it.”

She asked him to read it aloud.

It seems evident that Julia never cared about the how or the why or the what.  Without needing confirmation she had formed her opinions and now sought to simply get by each day with as much pleasure as she could gain.


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Written by jaylar

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