Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part III Chap 6 (11)

Winston and Julia stood in the park.  There was no telescreen, but it was assumed  there must be hidden microphones. They were not hidden but it  did not matter, nothing mattered. They could have lain down on the ground. 

 As he thought of it, his flesh froze with horror.

Julia had made no response when he but his arm around her waist.

He knew now what had changed.  

It was not just physical although her face was sallower, and there was a long scar, partly hidden by the hair, across her forehead.  

It was that she felt like a corpse.


Winston does not realise that his sexual impulses have been destroyed, as has Julia’s.   He can not engage in sex.  He doesn’t even realise it because sex is erased from his mind.

If one reflects to the first time he saw Julia with a sash; “Anti Sex League”,   one appreciates that to destroy the sex drive was one of the Parties goals.


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Written by jaylar

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