Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part III Chap. 3 (2)

“You have read the Book, Goldstein;s Book, or Parts of it. Did it tell you anything that you did not know already?’ asks O’Brien.

This book was the key feature in Winston’s ‘treason’.   He had not known it existed until O’Brien gave it to him.  Again Winston does not grasp that he was set up and asks;

‘You have read it?’

‘I wrote it… I collaborated in writing it. No book is produced individually, as you know.’

‘Is it true, what it says?’

‘A description, yes. The programme it sets forth is nonsense… ultimately a proletarian rebellion — the overthrow of the Party. “

Then, returning to his mind control, O’Brien states; “You foresaw yourself that that was what it would say. …The proletarians will never revolt, not in a thousand years or a million. They cannot. I do not have to tell you the reason: you know it already.”


Living in 2020 it is obvious why proles or working class or whatever they are called will never revolt.   They are sheep. They have been brainwashed from birth.

In America, for example, many of these ‘proles’ support Trump although he does nothing for them.  

There is no free health care, nor free education, nor increased minimum wage or even a law making sick pay mandatory.

Everything Trump has done is to benefit the rich and those in power.

Yet, those without power clamour for him.


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