Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part III Chap 1 (8)

The man who had offered the bread was terrified.  The door opened, guards entered.  The  force of the blow landed by the guard almost knocked him off the floor.

He  lay, blood oozing from his mouth and nose. He rolled over,  raised himself unsteadily on hands and knees, as the two halves of a dental plate fell out of his mouth.

The  door opened and the officer indicated the starving man,  ordering him to ‘Room 101,’ at that, he  fell to his knees  and begged;

“Comrade Officer!  You don’t have to take me to that place! Haven’t I told you everything already? What else is it you want to know? There’s nothing I wouldn’t confess, nothing! Just tell me what it is and I’ll confess straight off. Write it down and I’ll sign it — anything! Not room 101!’

‘Room 101,’ said the officer.

The man shouted;  ‘You’ve been starving me for weeks. Finish it off and let me die. Shoot me. Hang me. Sentence me to twenty-five years.”

Then, ” Is there somebody else you want me to give away? Just say who it is and I’ll tell you anything you want. I don’t care who it is or what you do to them. I’ve got a wife and three children. The biggest of them isn’t six years old. You can take the whole lot of them and cut their throats in front of my eyes, and I’ll stand by and watch it. But not Room 101!’


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