Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part II Chap 9(6)

Winston was not perturbed that every word he dictated or wrote  was a deliberate lie.  He was anxious that the forgery be perfect.

After working for six days, things began to slow.  Then, end.  The results had been achieved.  It was now impossible for any human being to prove by documentary evidence that the war with Eurasia had ever happened.

At midnight it was unexpectedly announced that all workers in the Ministry were free till tomorrow morning.

Winston, still carrying the briefcase containing the book took it home.

During the work day he had kept it between his feet and when he slept, kept it under his body.

Now home, he shaved, and almost fell asleep in his bath but roused himself, and went to the flat above Mr Charrington’s shop.

He lit the stove, put on a pan of water.  He expected Julia to soon arrive.

So now, he would look at the Book.


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