Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part II Chap 8 (10)

O’Brien decides it is time for Winston and Julia to leave. But they are to leave separately.   O’Brien pours drinks, asking what they should drink to;   ‘To the confusion of the Thought Police? To the death of Big Brother? To humanity? To the future?’

And Winston says; ‘To the past,’

After drinking, Julia leaves; O’Brien giving her a mint to remove the smell of the wine.

She took it, left, and as soon as she was gone, O’Brien appeared to forget her existence and told Winston; ‘There are details to be settled,’ he said. ‘I assume that you have a hiding-place of some kind?’

Without a pause, Winston reveals  the room over Mr Charrington’s shop.

The enormity of what has just transpired can knock the reader across the room.

Here is Winston Smith who has lived most of his life hidden inside of himself.   Never realising his feelings, his ideas, living in secret.   Yet, within on short meeting with a person he doesn’t know, Winston reveals every secret he owns; from his relationship to Julia, to their hiding place.

One wants to weep for Winston, his stupidity and most ridiculously that the first person he ever trusts is O’Brien.


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