Rereading Nineteen Eighty Four – Part II Chap 7

This Chapter is a reflection on Winston’s life.  

What is significant is the absolutely unheroic  nature of the protagonist.  He is a rather horrible character, concerned with himself.As a child he cared about his hunger. His last act, at about age ten, concerned two ounces of chocolate, which his mother went to share between he, his sister, and herself.So selfish he received 2/3rds of the chocolate, then grabbed the 1/3rd given to  little sister and run away.  He never saw his mother or sister again.His lack of concern is startling.  One would like to blame the ‘System’;  but Winston was born at the cusp, before the ‘Revolution’.  Unlike Julia who was born after,  Winston had an early foundation of the ‘normal’ life that existed in the 1940s.   That he cared only for himself can not be otherwise attributed.Although this is not a significant chapter when it comes to the essence of Nineteen Eighty Four, it attempts to remove any sense of Winston as a hero or tragic figure.


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