Protests Continue In Toronto Canada on 5.1.21

Saturday, May 1, 2021

In April, there were protests all over the world against the lockdowns. Many people are standing up for the freedom and rights. Protests continue in Toronto Canada on the first day of May. Everyone is fed up with this crap, especially after vaccines became available. The people who want the vaccines have taken it, and the situation hasn’t changed much. 

#2 Anti-lockdown Protest, Downtown Toronto Queen St & CTV (part2) ,Canada, Saturday May 1, 2021

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Part 2 video

It is the first of May, and Canadians in Toronto continue marching the streets in Downtown Toronto to protest the lockdowns for their freedom and rights. A sign reads, “THE PANDEMIC WAS PLANNED,” which is another way of saying plandemic. When sign reads, “FUCK YOUR COVID BULLSHIT.” Over 200,000 Canadians gather in a rally, chanting “TELL THE TRUTH” and “END ALL LOCKDOWNS.” They are all maskless. Another sign reads, “FUCK TRUDEAU.” Another sign reads, “EATING ANIMALS CAUSES PANDEMICS.” They all stopped by the Bell Media building. Another sign reads, “HOSPITALS ARE EMPTY. IT IS ONLY A FLU.”


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