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With great difficulty I recently registered because I mistakenly created two accounts, or three, but only confirmed two. Immediately I communicated with the administrators and the matter was solved, I eliminated an account and now, in my free time, I will calmly begin the work and the enjoyment of my transit through this virtual community; hoping that the stay is long, pleasant and profitable.

I live on the coast of the Caribbean Sea in the country of northern South America that is currently experiencing great socioeconomic and political difficulty, called, pompously, the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, or simply Venezuela.

I have been a rural preceptor and cultural worker for many years, animator and promoter, plastic artist and craftsman, oral narrator, theater actor, tireless reader and self-taught academic, among other tasks that I have dared to do to give my contribution to the construction of the surrounding society.

To send a greeting to each of those who make up this community of people with a taste for writing and photographic and audiovisual images, I share a couple of photos that portray a corner of the region where I live. Both portray two oil paintings of my authorship of 1 meter by 1 meter approximately each representing the east side and the west side of a small beach called “Vicuña”.


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Written by RalRey

Abierto a todo lo que es verdadero, honorable, justo, puro, amable, de buen nombre, que tenga alguna virtud, que merezca alabanza.

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