Pradyumna Murder Case of Gurugram: Haryana Police failed to Clarify CBI

CBI (Cetral Bureau of Investigation) is  the Apex investigating Agency of our India.. When the common men look unsatisfied due to inaction of the Police and do not faith on the  working style of the police department , then they opt and urge for the CBI enquiry. Politically CBI may be tagged as a caged Parrot of the sitting Government, but still people of India have the ultimate faith on this biggest Investigating agency. CBI has proved its credibility once again by solving the Gurugram Murder Mystery of Pradyumna and proved it’s irony that Why is it different and better than the rest of the agency? At it’s absolute eagle glance completely reversed the case completely within just a few days of it’s investigation. Not only it reversed the case but also the Agency also searched out the culprit who is minor 11th class student of the same School. This findings of the CBI entirely refurbished the investigation Theory of the Haryana Police is quite laudable and spoken off.

The Police Investigation is also under the Cloud of Suspension

CBI investigation shows that Haryana Police has only investigated in a hurry and under pressure. Haryana Police arrested the Driver in hurry without investigating the matter in right direction to unveil the truth behind the Murder mystery. The knife used in the murder as claimed by Haryana Police which  was also recovered  by them. The police again claimed that the knife was brought from Agra but it is shocked to know that the Driver had never gone to Agra. Police also questioned the boy who was convicted by the CBI. But the police could not catch his point.

Question marks on officials

Apart from SIT, top brass of Haryana Police also investigated the matter on their level. In addition to the inquiry officers, DCP- South Ashok Bakshi, DCP- Sumit Kihar, ACP ,Sohna -Bherhem Singh including the then In charge of Sohna Crime Branch Mr. Honeyf Qureshi also had interrogated the said conductor. So, was this mere an eye wash to Media Houses by such Higher Police Authorities ? Consequently this leads to suspicion on the functioning of SIT and so many officers involved with it.

CBI can take action against lax Police officials

The CBI claims that it  has strong evidence of the accused and the  driver is also an innocent .The CBI may approach the higher authorities of Haryana State Police department to take appropriate action against such lax police officials. In support of CBI probe, Gurugram’s MLA Umesh Agarwal has also demanded strict action against these officials.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)


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