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Thursday, 4.16.20

I just added four videos here that have to do with Coronavirus. An African-America doctor voluneers to help the homeless, and he gets arrested. China is experiencing its second outbreak as well closing its borders with Russia. Tip for fighting Coronavirus involves taking Vitamin D. And, David Icke is now being censored and banned. 

#1 “I Want an Apology”: Black Doctor Who Tests Homeless for Coronavirus Handcuffed by Miami Police

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Dr. Armen Henderson was handcuffed by a police officer for getting ready to test homeless people. He was also wearing a mask, while the police officer wasn’t even wearing a mask. This is like martial law—police harassing people in the street to control the American public to stay in lockdown like slaves. This took place in Miami, Florida.

#2 Signs suggest 2nd virus outbreak; Internal document reveals CCP knew about virus long before public

There appears to be a second virus outbreak in China. I also notice that this story mostly has to do with closing borders with neighboring countries, which has been happening all over the world for different reasons. First, it was a wall between USA and Mexico, and then it was the Canadian border with USA. Now, it is China border with Russia. I wonder who will be next.


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