One Body Many Parts

The human body has about 7,500 parts with each one having a unique, specific and important purpose. On its own, an individual part cannot fulfill its purpose, but together with the other parts, they function in perfect coordination and interdependence as one whole body.

A healthy team is like the human body.  Each of us must understand and embrace our unique composition (personality, abilities, likes and values) and the composition of our colleagues. Together, we can function at a higher level and stand united toward a common purpose.

Unity = Uniformity

Having a united team does not mean that everyone walks, talks or acts exactly the same.  That would be boring!  Research has shown that teams of similar types of people are productive early on, but in fact teams full of different people can ultimately reach higher levels of productivity and innovation.  We need diversity because it makes us stronger.  By celebrating our uniqueness and the differences around us we grow individually and collectively.

While some of us may be more visible than others, we all add value to the whole body. Whether we’re leading or following, working alone or as part of a project, the team’s success is the result of the collective effort of ALL its members. To that end, we must seek to encourage and celebrate the great work that everyone accomplishes, especially those that are least visible.


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