Oliver's Odyssey – 2

At the age of ten, Oliver’s mother, sent for him.  She had married, given birth to a daughter, Lola.  Perhaps that is what prompted her to send for her son.

Oliver, who had lived in deep country, had never seen a flush toilet, never had electricity, yet he got on a plane, flew to another country.

He was nervous, he was scared.  He didn’t know what was happening. He wolfed his food, and then threw up.

A little boy, alone, on a strange contraption called an air plane, was sick and afraid.

When the plane landed, the stewardesses helped him off . His mother was angry.

That is what he would never forget.

That she didn’t come to escort him to America, she wasn’t there to hold his hand and comfort him, she let him suffer alone on that plane, then berated him at the airport, for stinking up his clothing.


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Written by jaylar

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