Next Gaming Stream? Sonic Generations!

Last week I successfully hosted my first gaming stream on YouTube and Twitch. Next week I plan to stream again and my game of choice will be Sonic Generations! I’d love it if you could join the party! Subscribe to either my YouTube channel or my channel on Twitch, ItsATrappProductions, all one word. The next stream will happen on Friday February 2nd at 3pm PST. Don’t worry, I’m still making animated web shows, this is just something else I like to do! By the way, this wonderful avatar you see here was made by @thetruetrickster so please visit his page and show him some love and support!

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Written by Alexander Trapp

Welcome! My name is Alexander Trapp. I'm a guy who can't draw on paper but loves to make cartoons! I have a crew of talented people who help me out in big ways, and together we are It's A Trapp! Productions. We make entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy. So grab your friends, family, and loved ones and let's go on a journey! The current animated web shows on this channel are: Emina (pronounced eh-me-nah). An original sci-fi anime set in the midst of a civil uprising on a planet populated by Androids. Throw in a lone human who has appeared by mysterious means and the action heats up immensely! Space Opera. A sci-fi satire that spoofs the starship sub-genre by forcing a competent crew to serve under a cowardly Captain in the middle of galactic war between organics and the evil Synthetic Empire. The Adventures of Ninja Steve. A superhero comedy about a squeaky voiced Ninja with a heart of gold performing heroics acts and sometimes eating burritos.

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