Nanacamilpa, Mexico City, Mexico ?

Nanacamilpa, Mexico City, Mexico ? Authorities have cut down fir and pine from the forests, which are sold in order to overcome the problem of poverty with which they are experiencing. ? Then appeared Firefly luminous insects are attracted large number of tourists who wanted to spend the night in the forest. Since 1990, Gennaro Rueda Lopez came up with the idea that the village because of the camping. ? Years developed very slowly, and then in 2011 the community members realized that in the period between June and August in the woods appears a million fireflies and that was a period when it needs to attract the largest number of tourists. ?Pet years later, the whole camping space is occupied for months, as well as other attractions that the forest provides. ?U village Nanacamilpa in Mexico City overnight happens real spectacle of light, and it is credited by thousands of fireflies!


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