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My nephew Corey

Last Saturday I went to my nephew Cory’s graduation and I was so proud of him when he was walking down the aisle in his cap and gown. I didn’t know what to get him for a graduation present because he’s all grown up now and he’s such a handsome and good looking young man. Corey is so tall standing next to me and I look so old in the picture lol. He wants to go to a good college next year. He told me that he’s going to have to work really hard at a job to save money to go to college because the college I think he wants to go to is going to be very expensive I just hope he’ll be ok working and going to college or he gets a scholarship from his school because of his grades. All through school where he was like straight A’s in every class he went to and the teachers they love Cory he was a good student they said so I’m hoping that they offered him a scholarship to a good college. And hear something funny he’s the only vegan out of a whole family that eats meat lol. At least he eats healthy food and that’s a good thing. When he was a kid that’s all he would eat is junk food and soda and whatever Suites did he can get his hands on but then again you still wouldn’t eat meat that neither oh well at least he eats healthy now. Or am I going to miss that boy when he goes away for college. Wherever he goes in life I hope he gets what he deserves in life that makes him happy. I Love him so much and I wish him well. Congratulations Corey I’m proud of you. Thank you for reading this my friends and God bless you all.


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