Modafinil Modalert History, Uses & Precautions

As well as all the significant inventions, the nootropic called Modafinil was discovered by accident. In the seventies of the last century, the French neurophysiologist Michel Jouvet studied problems related to the length and quality of sleep. He has conducted various experiments on cats to determine which part of the brain is responsible for this physiological need, as well as what cause sleep disturbances.

In collaboration with a local laboratory, Jouvet discovered a substance that showed good results in treating narcolepsy, but the substance called Adrafinil caused many side effects, so its modification created Modafinil in 1984. Ten years later, it was officially registered as a narcolepsy drug in France and came over the ocean in 1998, when it was put on the US market under the brand name Provigil.

Medical purposes

Although the drug has been officially registered for the treatment of sleep disorders, previous studies have shown positive results in the use of Modafinil for the treatment of hyperactivity in children that is, ADD and ADHD syndrome. Although this is not its primary purpose, this medicine can be involved in the therapy as an auxiliary agent. Further research will be conducted to show its effectiveness in the treatment of cognitive disorders, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Unlike Amphetamine-based nootropics, such as Adderall, the use of Modafinil does not cause euphoria. Maybe because Modafinil in some way “slows down” the brain, acting simultaneously at much more neurotransmitters than other “smart drugs” – histamine, serotonin, dopamine, orexin, glutamate, etc.

By eliminating episodes of fatigue, Modafinil influences our concentration, maximizing our focus on what we do. Our brain is directed to a task, while the influence of external factors is negligible. The healthy person using this smart drug as a memory booster, in some ways, enjoys its productivity and performance results, gaining motivation for new working tasks.

Possibilities of abuse

Why does it come to an abuse? In this sense, under abuse, we consider the inadequate use of a medicine for the purposes for which it is not intended. It is accidentally found that Modafinil affects the improvement of cognitive abilities in healthy people. Still, it does not mean that this drug will make you smarter or Megamind.

The scientific title for this would be a cognitive enhancer, although this is not the primary purpose of Modafinil. Healthy people are using it to boost their psychophysical performances, achieve better results, and generally maximize the period of alertness. However, since there are not many options to buy Provigil Waklert Nootropics Aricpet Nootropics.

Talking about the abuse of Modafinil, we have to mention the cases of athletes who were disqualified of prestigious competitions after doping tests proving that they have used this drug, which was marked as an illegal substance.


Although studies have shown positive results in the treatment of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder, the use of this drug is not allowed in patients under the age of 18. Modafinil should not be used in situations when you are allergic to any substance of the medicine, as well as if you have proven heart problems without consulting a physician.

If you are on a regular therapy with Modafinil and you are planning a pregnancy, inform your doctor, so he could adapt the dose to your condition. No harmful effects have been shown on the fetus, but since the substance can get into mother’s milk, extra caution is required.

Be sure to mention all the medicines you are using, so that the physician will have an insight into possible contraindications. For example, it has been shown that Modafinil reduces the effectiveness of contraception.

Efficiency and possible side effects

The effects of Modafinil start to feel after the first hour after you take the pill. Many users have reported that results of this medicine last for 12 and more hours, but the full effect is felt in first five to eight hours.

As far as the harmfulness of this drug is concerned, in cases where its use is short-term, for example, during the examination period of the students or because of an important project among the employed persons, more dangerous side effects were not detected. Common contraindications, such as tiredness, mild headache, and nausea are usual for the first days of drug consumption; in the case of short-term disturbance of appetite and occurrence of redness and skin rash, you should visit a doctor.

The pill is best taken once a day, preferably an hour before you plan to get to work or learning. Interactions with food have not been proven; however, if you decide to use Modafinil to improve your working performance, it is advisable to avoid alcohol during that period.

As for the long-term effect of the Modafinil use, there are some indications about its efficiency; however, the medicine still has no concrete evidence. Taught by experience with previous generations of nootropics, scientists assume that the use of this nootropic will have no effect on the long-term improvement of cognitive performances in healthy people. That would mean that the drug is efficacious only when you consume it daily.

Ethical concerns

Modafinil is affordable, so there are no economic limits in its use. The question is whether, in a few years, mental doping will become our daily routine? Will the future generations be able to function without it?

There are many controversies about the use of “smart drugs,” but one thing is clear – their use is more and more represented every day. Among the celebrities, many of them support the legal use of Modafinil for the purpose of the cognitive enhancer and memory booster.

People with high-responsible jobs, such as pilots, doctors, or engineers, recognize the use of Modafinil as one way to deal with everyday challenges. Also, businessmen from Silicon Valley and brokers from Wall Street propagate its use, seeking to reduce the black market for this drug. The decision-making process is rationalized, and even creative thinking has improved. So, why would not everyone think so? Why would not each of us give his/her maximum and be satisfied with ourselves?


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