Maldives beach

If you ever find yourself on one of the Maldives beach, keep in mind that the great scene in which you can enjoy to thank fishes. Maldive islands are coral islands, built of accumulated pieces of coral and other foreign materials that originate from the surrounding reefs. How it all managed to form the beautiful beach of light sand? Geologist Kris Perry explains that, in the case of at least one island – Vakarų – was responsible for this parrot fish or two of its kind.

Fish parrots that live in the waters of the Maldives a year can eat several tons of coral, which Perry believes that they have a major role in the formation of these beautiful beaches. In particular on the island Vakaru, Perry and his team have found that fish parrots make up of 680,380 pounds per year of such precipitate, and, thus, contribute to a large extent beaches – 85 percent of credit is due to them.


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