Making Circles – 26

In a twisted way, I was far more fortunate than other girls in my position.

Education had always been my focus. I had spent the first seven years of my school life unaware of all but my studies.

I was thirteen when it dawned on me that there was an enculuturation process at work. That there was a world I didn’t see.

It was only after using Laurie to enter this world, and then noticing Shaun, and and the great big social world, that I altered my focus a bit.

It was not that difficult to return to my fascination with knowledge sans humans.

For the next week I  would not think of Shaun, but of my studies. If I found my thoughts straying to him, I would divert.

It was a psychological tool. If you want to stop drinking, every time you feel the urge, think of drinking urine from the toilet.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar