Making Circles – 25

The next day, I didn’t reach the study room until one p.m.

When Shaun asked me where I was, I told him the same thing I’d told my mother yesterday;  “I had to take a break before my brain explodes.”

This prevented him saying anything about why he’d run out yesterday, or me saying anything about how I felt, thought, whatever, when he ran out to cry over Laurie.

Our private feelings firmly under control, we turned to the work at hand.

In one way I could see what I had seen in him all these years. Yet, in another, I was standing back from emotion.

As I’d been a nerd when I first saw Shaun in Junior High, it was not that difficult to fall into my study as if there were no other  beings alive.

I would get through the next few days; exams started Monday.  Anything and Everything would be postponed to the end of the month.


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Written by jaylar