Luis Miguel

(Photos Courtesy of Luis Miguel Official……)

My first concert, ever, was that of Mexican pop star, Luis Miguel. He can be compared to Michael Buble in the English world.   It was the week before Christmas, in 1995.

I went to his show in San Jose, California, with a classmate from my composition class at USF.  Her sister-in-law also joined us.  I wasn’t sitting in the front, but nonetheless, it was an amazing experience.  I payed $60 dollars, and I waited in anticipation to see him step onto the stage.  Everyone was cheering very loudly.  His songs, gave me chills.  Everyone felt the same.

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I also remember giving him one single, red rose.  Security guards were close to me, but i went up to the row closest to the stage, and I gave him the rose.  He bent down to receive the rose from me.  The look in his eyes, I will never forget.  He looked amazed to see me, or just gave me that sense.  I don’t know if I looked familiar to him, (this was before social media networks.)

He looked amazed to see me either way.  I have never been to another concert since.  He was my first and last concert so far.  Once I was in the car with my friend, I didn’t expect to hear more of his songs on the radio.  I was in Heaven.  The entire experience was amazing to me.

I have always been an avid listener of his music.  His lyrics are romantic, and  his voice is smooth and vulnerable.  He is a one of a kind performer.

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Written by Maria Ayala