Legs and arms of Santo Amaro

Legs and Arms of Santo Amar

They are arms and legs made in mass and it is a tradition of the island of Santa Maria linked to the day of Santo Amaro that is celebrated on the 15 of January. In Santa Maria, it is in the Hermitage of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios, in Praia Formosa, where Santo Amaro is venerated, and he is credited with treating patients. Gaspar Frutuoso, at the end of the sixteenth century, refers to her in these terms: “In this village of Praia is a hermitage of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios where many sick people, who went there in a pilgrimage, reached health. sick and health, and because of this and because they are near the hermitage, they call it the Fountain of Our Lady. “

It is a very old tradition to resort to the Nossa Senhora dos remédios for reasons related to health, reason why, these mass cakes have the form of parts of the human body. They are offered to the church and, on the day of Santo Amaro, are auctioned after the religious mass.

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