A Lamentation And A Plea Suggestion To Make More Income On Virily! MY FIRST POST OF THE YEAR!

A Lamentation And A Plea Suggestion To Make More Income On Virily!


Some people are very lucky!

When I joined Virily last year, I did it purely to earn extra bucks and I thought it was gonna be easy sailing, cause I love writing and I feel confident of myself, believing I will never lack something to write, more so since a hundred words is the required minimum!

But it didn’t come as easy as I envisaged! I must make as many as a thousand virils to produce one dollar!


I’m yet to make my second dollar, after the very first, some months ago!

Some people are luckier and I keep wondering how they are able to do it, racking thousands of virils and I am only about 1440+ rich!

I tried to refer friends, family, even wrote about the financial benefits of joining Virily on my blog and shared on social media, but not a single person has joined through my referrals!

Seriously, I want to earn!

Any suggestions or clues?


This is wishful thinking!

Could you please reduce the number of virils to a dollar, from a thousand to a hundred?

There will be more gains, both ways!

More people will join and naturally people will make more money while makes the most!

Dear Virilyans, what do you think of the above suggestion? Support and up vote, for the possibility of implementation, so that we can all smile!

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Written by JerryPeri1

I am a poet, an author, a blogger and a subsistence farmer.
I am enamored by beauty and anything that inspires life!

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  1. Dear Jerry, unfortunately I can not describe or explain how Virily determines the count of virils for each dollar. Given that the main reason I’m in Virily is not chasing small money so all I know is how to find friends by posting or commenting on friends’ posts or reposting friends comments in our posts until in turn we get virils. Today I am looking at rank and I am quite surprised that quite a lot of relatively new members have entered in the big 50 even in top 15! They’ve managed to shift some old members, either non-active or very active, and that’s great! I do not know how they do it but I am amazed by their abilities! That means they also have several times received some transfers to their PayPal.

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