Just Stopped

I simply stopped. I stopped reading. I stopped writing. I stopped eating. I stopped drinking except for one glass of warm water a day. I stopped sleeping. I stopped the music. I stopped the television. I probably would have turned off the power if I had known where the main box was located.

I fill my brother’s pillbox. I have no idea if he takes them. I do the laundry. I work and I go to bed. Today he goes to get dye in his body to see what else they may have to do besides replace both valves. I don’t think he is coming back to the house at all. I really don’t know much my sister takes care of all that.

My husband keeps asking when he can get on Virily and read. He has a hard time understanding how much I have changed. I wish I had the words that could make him  understand. I don’t have words any longer.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter

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  1. I forgot the rules. No matter what pretend like everything is fine. Bottle up the feelings until you implode. Never let anyone know how you really feel because when you do they must leave just to find joy.

    I am grateful you can find joy.

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