Juan Picchu – Peru

Juan Picchu – Peru

 Juan Picchu continues to Makcova Picchu (Old hill) and is placed on the highest part of the eastern Andes in Peru, or more precisely, on the eastern slopes of the above Valley Urubamba and directly above the settlement Aguas Calientes, at an altitude of 2,720 meters altitude. The difference in altitude between the level of the river Urubamba and the top Huana Picchu is 600 meters. Narrow walkway meanders toward the top, starting from Makcova Picchu. Sometimes the trail etched in stone footprints for a safe climb. Slope of the mountain is mostly hidden by vegetation. At the top of the track, there is a crossroads, left the trail is very steep and climbs the stairs to the top passing several stone terraces, while the right trail leads to the summit through a narrow tunnel.


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