It works well, and it’s good to hope

Professor Vladeta Jerotic with his friends sat in the restaurant. One young man wanted to honor them with a drink.

He came in, introduced himself and said that he owes much to Professor Jerotic, because his books helped him in life, and he would like, in this way, to thank him.

Prof. Jerotic kindly refused by saying:

“Do not always do to me – you to me. I am something, as you say, to you, and you now want me to return.

When someone does something good to you, you do good to someone else, to some one third, and that’s the way of good work.

Otherwise – to you, you, to me – is a reflection of tribal consciousness and the basis of corruption. So I say that for tribal peoples, including Serbs, corruption is something natural. Nevertheless, we should not forget that we are called to be Christians, which means that we are going beyond our nature. “

Retrieved from: “Svetosavski zvonca” br. 9/2014.

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  1. I’m glad you mentioned Vladetu Jerotica . Academic . Professor , Doctor and one of the greatest living thinkers in our area. He was born in 1924 and still active. There are few such people who are rich in knowledge,

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