Being Invisible – Part X

It was not four months after June had arrived when I saw the ambulance.

I stayed in the corridor watching the medics move June from Shirl’s section onto the walkway, into the ambulance and drive off.

I waited a little longer then quietly went to throw out my garbage, acting totally oblivious to everything.

If Shirl was waiting for me to stop and ask, well, I didn’t even look in the direction of her flat, surveying the sky as if concerned about rain.

After disposing of my garbage I went directly to my flat. I knew June was either dead/dying or soon to be dying/dead. And Shirl would get the car.

Perhaps, to another person, the idea of killing someone you know, someone who trusts you, for their car would never enter thought.

But this was Shirl. And this was what she was. And this is why I have stayed invisible.

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Written by jaylar

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