Being Invisible – Part VI

I had been able to so avoid Shirl to the extent  she didn’t exist.  I didn’t see her, hear her, think of her.  Days, weeks… and then

I saw a car parked in the space by Shirl’s section. It was a BMW. I knew it couldn’t be her car, wondered if she had a visitor.

I didn’t ask, I didn’t even look at the car too hard. I let it go for a few days.

I saw a private ambulance drive in. I took a look. It was depositing an older woman at the house Shirl occupied. That was, no doubt the car owner.

I heard, from someone else, that one June Harker was going to stay with Shirl. June had broken her hip and Shirl was going to look after her.

June owned the car.

I knew her life was drawing to an end. June would live long enough for Shirl to get the car in her name. Then June would either be confined to a hospital to die, or be rushed to a hospital to die.

Either way, the point of the story was that Shirl would get a free car.

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Written by jaylar

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