Insights 2.16.22

Wednesday, 2.16.22

Today’s weather was cloudy, windy, and cool, much different from last week’s weather, which was like summer weather. This evening, there was a rainstorm–thunder, lightning, and light rain. I stayed home anyway, watching the Winter Olympics, even though this evening’s walking meetup was cancelled. 

I miss my cat, Gumby D’Arcy, who is now in Heaven. He left on February 8, 2022. He was 22 years old. I am still waiting to pick up his ashes from the veterinarian. It is quiet now. I will probably be in my mourning period for around 1 year or 2 before I get another pet. I need to move on. 

#1 Full Moon in Leo on Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Today, I didn’t feel like going to this evening’s walking meetup. It was cloudy and windy outside, and I preferred staying home to watch the Winter Olympics. At 6:30pm, while watching the Olympics on TV, I noticed light flashes against the dark sky from my slide door. There was lightning outside. I also noticed it was wet and raining. I suddenly started to hear thunder. I went on the site and noticed that they cancelled this evening’s walk. I didn’t think it would rain all night.

Wednesday, February 16th is Full Moon in Leo. Full Moon energy this week. Sun and Moon in opposition. For fire signs—Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius—it is a good full moon. Balsamic Moon is about ending cycle.

Yeah, southern California is wet, cloudy, and rainy, with some thunder and lightning today.

Yeah, Wet Seal I used to shop there, mostly when I was younger, but occasionally as I got older until it shut down a couple of years ago.

Bob Saget hit his head in the back and crawled back into bed with his eyes socket broken? It wasn’t natural causes because he was starting to expose things and telling the truth. He wanted to come clean about his life. They took him out to silence him.

Randy Quaid was exposing the truth because he had celebrity friends killed off to silence them. He called the killers, “Star Wackers.” He told his agent to sign him out of his house and sign it to his brother Dennis.

You don’t need an agent to be a celebrity. All you really need is an Entertainment Lawyer for contractual work and copyright. The media wants celebrity to sign contract into perpetuity, which means they now own the celebrities as slave puppets.

Corey Feldman was sold out. They own him, which is why he cannot say too much or afraid to talk too much.

Whores on the street are naked, even in cold weather?

Woody Allen likes to have fun with young Asian girls, while Kevin Space likes to beat the shit of young Spanish boys who don’t speak English. Epstein threw Kevin Spacey out of the island.

Yeah, Dr. Phil is full of crap. He is a fucktard pretending to be a shrink for entertainment pursues on TV, with the help of his pimp Oprah.

Beauty is a curse.


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