When we grow up, we lose that innocent joy. Why can’t I keep my young soul forever? The ultimate goal of life is not fun. Think about it, how long have you been laughing? When did you lose your young poet’s soul?

Typical characteristics of childhood psychology are: like simulating, curious, giddy, like to gather, like to explore the natural life outside, these are the things that form the young heart with the joys pure joy.

The most honest, the most sincere, the purest of humanity is the young soul. Children often ask innocent questions that confuse adults when they answer, they always think of special things to play. But when the child grows up, after receiving too much rational education, and being imparted in inertial thinking, it is very difficult to keep that childhood purity and joy. In the mature, mature world is considered good, profoundly worthy to be proud, strong reasoning to deserve arrogance. But we forget that it is innocence that makes us loved; it is the innocence that makes us reduce the dark and dark troubles of life; it is the new heart of innocence and innocence for us to live in the most honest way.

In the young soul, the most striking thing is probably the psychology that likes to imitate. Children under one year can imitate simple sounds and movements. Growing up a little, can “make rail” and “train station” in the room, in the evening can cover the mother’s scarf to play the martial arts colonel, can play the bride and groom with neighbors, also hugged a fake doll as a parent. When I was young, did anyone ever participate in games that in the eyes of adults are so funny? It seems that the innocence is the property that the five years of giving us, when we grow up, the more we grow up, the more we will be nostalgic for this innocence.


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  1. I would like to be eternally young too, but unfortunately it is not … it is the process of every life, and if you accept it as a natural phenomenon, then you do not have stressful moments … we can stand young in the heart … the innocent is very difficult

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