Indigenous Kids In Canada Sabotage

Friday, June 11, 2021

She talks about the native indigenous people in Canada, and how they were treated when they land was stolen from them. British Monarchy rules over Canada. The indigenous people there were like slaves.

British Royal Family Monarchy = Monarch Butterfly = MK-Ultra Mind Control

It appears that the native indigenous people in Canada were treated and terrorized similarly to native Americans and Palestinians by the same the Zionists in different country, trying to control others as slaves for the New World Order agenda.

The steal these kids, abuse, and torture these kids, before killing them, in order to gain power and fountain of youth, which include adrenochrome and cannibalism. According to the elites, dark-skinned kids give them more power and youth.

These kids were buried under the school.

Speaking of being “hanged from a doorknob with a red scarf,” I haven’t seen any other celebrity dying this way lately. The last one I remember was Kate Spade. Maybe the Zionist media ran out of “red scarves.”

Queen Elisabeth hanged out with Jimmy Savile. Late Australian Shrink Anthony Kidman used to do child hunting. He is also the father of Nicole Kidman, who often does movies about witchcraft.

Currently, Canada is under Socialism/Communism regime, controlled by PM Justin “Castro” Trudeau, who is likely to be Castro’s bastard son, but groomed by Pierre Trudeau to control Canadians.


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