If You are Playing Leapfrog

If you are playing Leapfrog, there are 10 leaps now. It is never too late to play, until the day is announced that the game is over and the winner is selected. Here’s a quick reminder. It all began with a post called Leapfrog. You are welcome to go and read it and do the work required. There will only be one winner (well there could be no winner if no one chooses to play!)

I think it is fun to have a contest that everyone can play. I like that it shares the posts of many and I see it as a win – win. That is why I am “okay” to sponsor it myself. I remember Trafalgar Law last time thought it was a joke and so he didn’t play. It’s not a joke, there will be a winner and a prize, if anyone chooses to play.

Life can get very tedious. It seems like sometimes we should play like children and have some fun. And here is leap number eleven.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter