I Was Not Just thinking

I love to go on long drives by myself. I can turn up music, sing off key and no one really cares or even knows. And sometimes I catch myself worrying during these times. Is everyone safe and happy at home? Did I remember to leave a note? How am I going to handle the illnesses as they progress? What am I going to do about what’s her name? Did I complete everything on my to-do list?

Worrying about any of these issues did not add any purpose to my relaxing drive. So why on earth would I let that happen? Perhaps it is human nature or maybe I just don’t have the discipline. Yet another thing to ponder, try not to worry, but ponder.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter

One Comment

  1. I remember an old saying from the late Tom Landry who was the football coach of the Dallas Cowboys which is “Do not worry about things you cannot control.”