How to Take Care of Your Nervous System?

When all goes well, your nervous system doesn’t get a lot of attention. That’s because when everything is going well, your nervous system will function on its own.

Your nerves and your brain work in tandem with each other to transmit messages faster than you can consciously think of them, and that’s a good thing. Without that communication, it would take longer than a few seconds for you to realize feelings of pain when you injure yourself, which would delay you removing a negative stimulus.

That’s one reason why Northwest Arkansas chiropractic care starts with taking care of your nervous system and making sure that it’s in top shape. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind!

Get Enough Rest

When your body doesn’t get proper rest, it doesn’t have time to recover from the difficulties of the day. When you don’t give your body a chance to recover by getting quality sleep each night, it suffers over time and isn’t able to function as well as it normally does. Instead of functioning at top speed and getting messages from your brain to the rest of your body, it takes a back seat to what you’re focusing your attention on…whether or not your focus is on something important.

Essentially, when you don’t listen to your body, your body takes a hint in a negative way and stops responding to your physical needs at the speed that it should. As you might have guessed, that’s a major problem if it occurs!

Get Proper Exercise

Just as your body needs time to rest after a long day, it also needs to get active. Getting proper exercise is not only beneficial for your body, but it helps your brain and your demeanor as well. When you get active, you get more oxygen into your body and help your brain get the oxygen it needs to function. You’ll also release endorphins, which help you feel better and help your brain send messages faster. When your brain moves at its ideal speed, you’ll find that your body responds the way it should to both internal and external stimuli, and getting proper exercise is a great way to help that happen.

Quit (or Don’t Start) Smoking

When you smoke, you’re damaging your brain’s ability to function. Studies show that those who smoke have a thinner cortex than non-smokers, which damages their memory, language and perception. When those functions get thrown off, the result is a brain that simply can’t function as well as it should, making it harder to get messages to your nervous systems.

Your spinal cord and nervous system might be overlooked at most times, but the only way to ensure it stays that way is to take proper care of it. If you want to avoid needing long-term Northwest Arkansas chiropractic care, your best bet is to start taking care of your body and your brain today — your nervous system will thank you!


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Written by The Gibson Center

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