How to Rip Off Users

If you are not aware of a particular ‘process’  you won’t recognise it.  When you are, you can see it coming and do whatever preparation (or not) desired. is one of those make-believe legitimate sites.   Those who were members from the early days can describe the various tricks used just before it stopped paying.   After a time, it began paying again.

All those who had written and been ripped off were not reimbursed, were not given some token, the money they had earned went right into the pockets when it became non-paying.

After a time, the owners reran their scam.

Mylot reinstituted its payment to lure in new users.  However, one can earn more collecting bottles for one hour than writing for Mylot a  month.

The Owners, to ‘top up’  their earnings created a ‘kick off’ practice so as to get rid of a number of users every month.

When a user hadn’t done anything, a scheme was enacted in which a dual of the owner would attack a user, the user would defend him/herself and Admin, would kick them off, delete their account.  This was done just before payment was to be made.

Those of us who have seen this ‘game’ before knew it a matter of time before we’d experience this ‘retaliation’.

Many resorted to writing empty rubbish about what they had for breakfast, stories about their cats, meaningless drivel, which would make an attack almost impossible.  Further, they wouldn’t respond to such an attack, and keep posting their rubbish, gaining their pennies.

Having been on the site for awhile, knowing my days were numbered, I sat back trying to ascertain who was the dual.   I didn’t guess until I was attacked.

Having reached the height of boredom with the site,  gaining the ridiculous attack, I played along and was kicked off.

The attempt to ‘pull my tongue’ ; that is to get me to respond to a baseless accusation, knowing it was baseless, resulted in a few emails with ‘goaskalice’ the so-called Admin.

S/he/it had a guilty anger knowing the whole ‘performance’ was a set up; and somewhere in His/Her/Its brain, knew I was aware of it.

Which sort of spoiled the performance.  Alas.


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Written by jaylar

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