Historical Significance Of Rakhi Celebration In India

Raksha Bandhan is a festival celebrated in India since long. The sacred bond shared between siblings is cherished and respected through this divine occasion. The rich historical significance of Rakhi is found many times in the pages of the past. From mythological tales to great rulers and superior personalities, several believe and honor the traditional norms of Raksha Bandhan.

With passing time, many traditions lost their ground. But the respect for the holy thread tied around the brother’s wrist by the sister is never downsized. On the holy eve, you too can surprise your brother living away by services offering Rakhi delivery in India.

Raksha Bandhan In Indian History

As said before, Rakhi has always been regarded as a respectful and holy ceremony. Not only among the masses, even among the highest tier of ancient rulers ceremony of Raksha Bandhan was always honored. Great conqueror Alexander’s wife and Hindu King Porus shared such a bond. She sent a Rakhi for the Hindu King asking him not to hurt her husband. Porus gave respect to the Queen’s honor.

Another glimpse of the holiness and respect that Rakhi commands is found in an incident between Rani Karnavati, Rajput princess and Mughal ruler Humayun. To protect her from Bahadur Shah, the Princess called out, and Humayun respected the call as his brotherly duty. But by the time he arrived, it was too late.

Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore celebrated Raksha Bandhan during the partition of Bengal as a symbol of communal harmony and fraternity among Hindus and Muslims. From time to time over so many years, Rakhi flaunted as a symbol of peace, love, affection, and responsibility.

The festival is coming soon again. Send your warm wishes and a Beautiful Rakhi to your brother living away. Cherish the bond of love-hate relationship you always shared. Go online to select the best Rakhi sets and send Rakhi to Mumbai.

Significance Of Rakhi Today

Mythology to real events in the past days and present, the significance of Rakhi is intact. People irrespective of caste and religion celebrate Rakhi all over the country and even abroad. It is a day for rejuvenating the precious tie of siblings.

Your brother might live away from you. In modern days of hectic schedule and busy lifestyle regular meet-ups get interrupted. Naturally, distance takes over. But on this special day sibling all over the country reach forward to hearing from each other. Savoir every bit of the happiness by sending your brother the best among many Rakhi sets available online.

Your Brother Deserves the Best, Make It Happen 

History taught us the value of kinship. Siblings are the ones who love each other since the earliest days of their lives. You miss your brother so much, let him know your longing and love. Send him the best surprise that he deserves.

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