FROZEN FLOWERS: beautiful natural phenomenon, FINLAND

FROZEN FLOWERS: beautiful natural phenomenon, FINLAND as beautiful as it is rare – ‘frozen flowers’ is a natural phenomenon that usually occurs in autumn or early winter. The phenomenon occurs when a stalk of a plant (full moisture) is frozen, and because of the difference in temperature between the lower and upper portions of the stem the ice starts to ‘curl’, creating a beautiful shape reminiscent of the flower. To be a ‘flower’ formed, the conditions have to be perfect, but the most important thing is to plant freezes, and the ground around it is not. As the temperature goes down and comes into the freezing point, the water will expand the plant stem, and on it to create a few cracks through which to go out. Considering the fact that the soil is not frozen, the water will continue to ‘climb’ from the root towards the top of the stem, and since the air temperature is below freezing point,


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