Friday 9.13.19 Full Moon Changes

Friday, 9.13.19, Full Moon night…which appears to be a powerful night…

  • Set goals and go for it. Go outside of your comfort zone. I need to work on my third novel…
  • Deep Cleaning and huge acceleration…and jump into a big transformation.
  • Reinvent Yourself—but be true to yourself.
  • Your soul is telling you that it is time to step it up…to make positive changes in your life…and with success.
  • You’re not alone in your life.

Full Moon on Friday 13th or Saturday 14th, which is considered as the Harvest Full Moon before wintertime.

  • Harvest everything you learned in this seasonal transitional time before September 23rd Autumn season starts. Let go of old energy in order to move into the new.
  • High intuition time and full awareness. Remain present and observe your surroundings.
  • Cultivate balance in your life. Remain centered and focused…
  • Release negativity and the past from your life.
  • Accept new challenges and figure out how to positively handle situations.


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