Five Ways to Be the Safest Driver You Can Be Behind the Wheel

Driving is the most dangerous thing most of us do on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we don’t always treat it that way. It’s easy to get used to being behind the wheel, which means we may forget to take our responsibility seriously.

Teens are notorious for feeling invincible behind the wheel, but adults can be just as, if not more, guilty of slacking off in the car. Many adults arrive at work or home and realize they have arrived on autopilot.

No matter what your age, we can all do more to be a little bit safer behind the wheel. Here are a few tips for taking your responsibility as a driver more seriously.

Learn the Rules of the Road with a Practice Permit Test

Taking the permit or license test can be nerve-wracking. You’ll feel a lot more confident if you take a few practice tests with ePermitTest!

With multiple tests at various difficulty levels, you can learn the rules of the road while exposing yourself to the format and wording of the test you’ll eventually have to take at the DMV.

These quick quizzes aren’t just for teens looking to get their license. They can be helpful to adults too! Do you remember what you’re supposed to do when you stop in front of railroad tracks? What colors are used to indicate a hazard ahead? Taking a practice test is a great way to brush up your knowledge of the rules of the road.

Leave Your Cell Phone in the Trunk of the Car

A cell phone is the cause of one in every four car crashes. Many people think they can multitask by checking their phone and driving at the same time, but the truth is, no one is as effective at multitasking as they think.

Some advice tells you to leave the phone in the backseat, but that will just tempt you to spin around in the seat and reach for it at a red light when it’s ringing. Instead, leave it in the trunk. That way it’s out of sight and you can’t hear it ring.

Always Maintain a Safe Distance from Other Vehicles

You aren’t just responsible for yourself on the road. You have to keep an eye on everyone else too. Don’t let the person ahead of you be the reason why you caused an accident by maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles at all times.

The two-second rule is a good general rule to follow, but it isn’t always accurate. For example, that time should be doubled if it’s raining or icy out. You’ll need an even bigger buffer behind emergency vehicles.

When in doubt, more space is always better. The more time you give your vehicle to stop, the less likely you will be to run into the person in front of you if they slam on their brakes.

Follow the Speed Limit

Going over the speed limit is a common occurrence. It can be tempting to put the pedal to the medal to get to your destination faster. However, those speed limit signs are there for a reason.

Many accidents are caused because someone wasn’t going the speed limit. That’s because the faster you go, the less time you have to stop or adjust your course before causing an accident.

Although you may be tempted to floor it on the interstate, not only are you putting yourself at risk of getting pulled over, you’re also increasing your chances of a deadly accident. Keeping your speed in check could save your life.

Minimize Distractions

Cell phones are the biggest distraction. They cause the most accidents, which is why they have their own spot on this list, but they aren’t the only thing that can distract you from the road.

There are many other driving distractions you should focus on reducing. For example:

  • Teens should keep the number of friends in the vehicle low
  • The thermostat, radio, mirrors, and other settings should be handled before the car is put in drive
  • Never groom or eat behind the wheel
  • Know exactly where you’re going and how to get there before you start driving
  • Keep the radio low, especially in unfamiliar areas

Each and every one of us can do more to remain safer behind the wheel, no matter what our age. With these tips, you can not only reduce your chances of experiencing an accident on the road, they will also boost your confidence, making you the safest driver you can be.


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