It’s been a while. Hello there my co-virily writers.

My previous topic was disapproved, maybe I went beyond because of the discussion. I am only sighting the problem of the farmers. Although my family earn their living not actually from farming because my father is a teacher but we have a more than 1 hectare of rice field. Then, someone lend us their rice field with a total land area of 0.75 ha and now wanting to make it 1 ha for us to cultivate.

Now the problem arises when the Rice Tarrification Law was implemented, a branch from the Train Law. I was saddened by this, farmers have to compete with the low cost rice imported from other countries while Philippines had been sufficient when it comes to rice production. I just think that the government has less program or plans to improve the production more to be able not to import rice. The drainage or the dam must be improve for the right passage of water to be evenly distributed in the rice fields. Production of low cost fertilizers and pesticides that will lessen the expenses of the farmers. I don’t know if you understood what I am trying to point out here. But this made more Filipinos be in their worst state. Poverty arises so as the crimes to be able to cope and go on. More Filipinos are drawn to lending institution that left them penniless instead of gaining.


What do you think?


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