Energetic Reading on Summer Wells

Saturday, July 3, 2021

What really happened to five-year-old Summer Wells? She was reported missing on June 15th from her Tennessee house.

This video is an energy reading on Summer Wells. She was a fun and playful child. She knows the person she went with during the day she disappeared. There is a driver of a truck and another person. She likes to go to the area with a pond. She was very observant and her boundaries. Someone took her to a pond or stream. Someone connected to her oldest sibling. They shaved her head because it was about power and control. They were trying to shut her up about something she said to control her and prepare her for something.

Elite Church Deacon and Religious connection => three men, different ages and Caucasian.

Left the house with the person willingly because she appeared to trust this person.  She grabbed a bucket.  The siblings and grandmother ignored it.

It was specific and planned out. She had to lay down on something. The oldest sibling understands and knows what happened. They put something over her face to make her sleep.

More information will come out around August 18th.

She is protected and being watched…


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