Drowsy After Reading

Friday, 9.28.18

Since my yoga class is at noon, I thought that I would go over my graphic novel script. I read the whole thing once, and I liked what I had written. I just noticed there were some repetitive information on different pages as well as some pages were too wordy. So, now, I need to simply the script, and take out any repetitions. But I noticed it flowed well. I am not sure how much of the information will fit each page. So, I will also probably do more editing as I type it in later in order to write only required information for each page.

By 10 am, I felt tired and sleepy. That is why I prefer to read at night in bed. Reading always makes me feel sleepy. But I went to the gym anyway, and the yoga workout energized me. I returned home, and did stuff around the house until 5:30 pm. I went  to walking meetup. 6 people showed up, but the area was crowded because many people were taking a stroll. The weather is cooling down, and many people were enjoying the autumn crispy cool weather.


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