Divine Intervention?

Here is a headline;

It is not the first mass devastation to hit Afghanistan.   

If one reads history, from the Shah was deposed, from the Soviets were driven out, Afghanistan has chopped a thousand years off the calendar.  The only bit of modernisation, of reality, arrived when American foolish intervened.

Yes, respond to the 9/11 attack by dropping a dozen or so powerful bombs, and then, shrug.  Let the Afghans deal with the aftermath.

But nooooo.   

Thinking that there was a population of semi-intelligent persons, America put boots on the ground, and had virtually adopted the country.   Once America left, and the fanatics took over, they’ve returned Afghanistan to year naught.

Now, there’s an earthquake.  Really deadly.   And now they are going to beg all those non-Muslim nations for aid?  

Pretending they are as religious as they claim, don’t they realise that what is happening to them is Divine Intervention? 


What do you think?

Written by jaylar

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