Disturbing Murder Dream on Aftermath of Pink Full Moon

Saturday, April 20, 2019

I woke up at 7:00 am, thinking about a disturbing dream….

I was at someone’s house. They appeared to be middle class and it appeared to be a middle-class neighborhood, in an old-style house. It kind of looked vintage, like from the 70s. (These people I was hanging out with didn’t really look familiar, although it appeared that I knew them in this dream). The girl was begging me to go out with her somewhere. She kept saying it will only take a minute, and “please come with me.” But I didn’t feel like going anywhere. I eventually reluctantly told her, “let me get my jacket. I will meet you outside.”

I wore my jacket and walked out of the front door. It appeared to be nighttime. It was especially dark, and no one turned on the lights by the door. (This neighborhood didn’t even look familiar). Suddenly, an ethnic-looking man comes toward me, from the street, as he walks with a small person, who happens to be gagged, with wrists tied together in front, and something over her head, maybe blindfolded. He doesn’t say a word, and this young person is quiet. She doesn’t make a sound. He motions me to hold a revolver. So, I held it by the handle, but stretched my arm out in front of me because I am not into guns. I have never handled a gun before, and I didn’t want to start now either. He walked this young girl by the window, which was along the walkway to the front door. Then, he pulled the trigger. She fell to the ground. Then, he just walked away and disappeared. I went inside quickly, afraid he will come after me next and kill me, and I told the people in the house what happened. I looked traumatized and shocked, similar to a PTSD victim, not sure what just happened.

Then, I woke up, wondering what the fuck…why do I have these dreams…are they premonitions to something…

I don’t know why I had this dream. But I tried to rationalize everything in the dream to make sense out of it. It looked like someone was trying to frame me for a murder, maybe to silence me about something. In the dream, I looked traumatized, but I quickly woke up because I wanted out of this dream.

I thought about what I ate last night, which was bunch of olives.

I also remember that last night was Good Friday and 4.19.19 Pink Full Moon night. I wonder if this disturbing and dark dream had anything to do with the 4.19.19 Pink Full Moon connection. Was this young person murdered a blood sacrifice of someone else in society? I think it was that girl who was begging me to come outside with her to go somewhere, but I never saw her when I walked out the door, except for a man stepping out in the dark with a small frame young girl and shooting her. And, he made sure I held the handle of the revolver while he pulled the trigger.

What do you think?

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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