Different types of locksmith for your various need?

Locksmiths are becoming an integral necessity owing to their skills and provision of security services. Their services extend to residential, commercial, government as well as automotive industry.  A person who has the agility and sense of perception along with passion towards this art can become a locksmith by taking up training or apprenticeship program. To become a licensed locksmith, one has to undergo formal training available at colleges, vocational institutes or locksmith associations. It is the training program that inculcates the advanced skills in locksmiths to help them dispense their services effectively.

Types of Locksmiths:

Locksmithing involves mastery with locks and keys be it simple level locks or highly advanced and technological security systems. There are various types of locksmiths depending on their field of specialization and expertise. Broadly they can be categorized into:

1. Commercial Locksmith: Commercial locksmiths specialize in the provision of multi-layer security systems and multipoint locks to ensure safety and protection to your business. The following are the services that commercial locksmiths are skilled at –

  • Master Key Systems
  • Mortise Systems
  • Safes
  • File Cabinets
  • Panic Bars

2. Residential Locksmith: These locksmiths specialize in decoding or opening of any type of lock or key that pertains to residential complexes. They can install, repair, and remodel any lock, alarm system, or security system within your premises. The following are the services that residential locksmiths are skilled at-

  • Bars and gate locks
  • Keyless deadbolts
  • Installation of multipoint locks
  • Marshall evictions

3. Automotive Locksmith: Locksmiths who assist people when they have a problem with the locks or keys pertaining to a vehicle fall under this category.  They are familiar with all complexities related to keys, transponder keys and security that are prevalently used in the automotive industry. The following are the services that auto locksmiths are skilled at –

  • Computer chip keys
  • Repair and replacement of ignition locks
  • Laser cut keys
  • Proximity keys

4. Emergency Locksmith: These kinds of locksmiths are available 24×7. They hold specialized knowledge for helping you in contingencies in each area, be it residential, commercial or auto industry.

It is with experience and dexterity that locksmiths operate and with a minute eye on each intricate detail acquire the knack of mastering this creative art.

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How can a locksmith verify the authenticity of the person seeking help?

When someone calls a locksmith to help them out when they have locked themselves out of their house or car, it is an important and mandatory duty expected on the locksmith’s part to ensure that the person for whom they are decoding or opening the lock is the rightful owner. The following are the ways that locksmiths can adapt to ensure it:

  • Be straightforward with them over the phone. Ask them if they have any proof of ID. If the caller is legitimate, he will agree to show the proof else he will hang up. The locksmith can intimate the police authorities about the call so that they can ensure the safety of the premises by making a check.
  • Ask for an ID proof that reveals the owner of the residence or car of the person. If they fail to have a matching ID, ask them to present a mail or some document, maybe telephone bill or electricity bill that could prove their authenticity.
  • Click a photo of the person and drop it in their Dropbox to keep a record.
  • Ask them where their keys are and after opening the lock, verify their statement by opening the lock with an old set of keys.

Locksmith industry is becoming indispensable to the society for them over the edge skill of handling technologically complicated machines with ease and patience, thereby assisting in ensuring safety all around be it homes, schools, offices, hospitals, airports or government undertakings.


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Written by Oliva Wilson