Democracy -1

When one looks at world history, there is often the Alpha Male (occasionally Female) who rules until s/he  dies, is killed or deposed by a younger version.  

Some of them allow a bit of debate with those of a particular respect level, and some even take advice.  

Some are born into leadership, some pursue power.  But the pattern is the basic dictatorship.

There are rare groups which have a kind of community meeting, where decisions are made by the assembly. But most people are accustomed to The Boss and are followers.

Throughout recorded history there are few examples of democracies, most opt for a kind of King.

On one hand, King makes all the decisions and takes all the blame and everyone else just goes along until they don’t. The fact is, most people don’t want the responsibility, aren’t all that interested beyond their personal situations, and for someone else to deal with mega issues is fine by them.


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