Dealing with False Memory – 20

The victim of false memory will cling to that fantasy despite facts.  

The facts can be physical;   for example, you can hear this woman repeat this remark;

“I opened the window, I went out, stood on the ledge, then jumped.”

Here is the building;  there is no ledge.    She never tried to kill herself.  Half asleep she fell into the window, knocked the screen to the ground, and followed.

How can someone cling to the belief that there was a ‘ledge’ when there is none?

This is because, convinced she tried to commit suicide she can not allow reality to override what her therapist told her.

To directly confront the victim is pointless.   It like pressing a button.   Like a robot, the victim will repeat the fantasy; louder and more belligerent.


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Written by jaylar

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