Crazy week

Hello everyone i gotta tell yea this week was a crazy week and and lots of stuff went down and i will just touch on a little bit of it don’t wanna bore ya. Remember my last post “Getting blamed for something i didn’t do.”  Well i went to the people in charge and gave them a little piece of my mind and pretty much vented on them and told them how i felt. And seemed to help for like 2 days and some stuff went down and i got a wright up for other stuff plus venting. And that same day a whole bunch of stuff got mixed up and like 3 departments well there’s like 20 people that touch stuff in those 3 departments and some how some way 2 items got mixed up and of course i got blamed for it yet again. Ever get the felling your being set up for something? Well push come to shove i got pulled into the office and got THE TALK!  Instead of firing me i got switched to another department. Supervisor told me my heart is in the right spot and i stay true to my colors and my words but i just get the job done way to fast. I am like, “Well that’s what you want right?” Well yes but not in this department. Ok?? So now i am  in a department that’s layed back and chill. And no problems YET!! I Talked to some of my friends and asked them what they thought about the whole thing what i typed above they said and think i was set up to fail or someone really didn’t like you. Thing i got out this week was..” Don’t  Sugar Coat Shit Just Be Real And Blunt!!”



What do you think?

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