A Crazy Journey – 3

Lorraine was fifty years old.  She had married at twenty, had two children. She and her husband stayed together for the ‘sake’ of the children.  When the younger was eighteen, and off on his own, they divorced.

During the years of the ‘staying together for the sake of the children’ they had been very polite and calm. They  joined many clubs to keep them away from each other. Their relationship had actually improved with space, so that instead of Tom being the hated Ex he was one of her friends.

She was forty one when they divorced. They had sold the house, split the money.  He had gone in his direction, she in her’s.

Which is why Lorraine lived alone in a tiny house that her children could visit, but never stay.

This is why she was alone when she came from work. Why she watched re runs of a show she had never seen before.  This is why she could go gaga over an actor.

This is why she could  jump into a silly message board as if she were twelve years old and gush and giggle about a man she never met and never expected to meet.


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Written by jaylar

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