Could a small business loan be what your business needs?

Finally, the office days are over.

Now you are your own boss, and you have all the freedom you want.

No more 9-5 working hours with a boss who questions your decisions and limits your independence.

It’s time for you to work on projects that inspire you and, more importantly, you can pursue your passion: entrepreneurship.

Yes, having a small business is rewarding. However, nobody usually tells you that, apart from that feeling of fulfillment and gratification, there are also many challenges that come along.

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns.

The biggest problem most entrepreneurs face is business stagnation or not growing.

Fortunately, there are many ways to grow your business: investing in marketing and advertising, investing in your employees’ productivity and so on. But, as you can see, these options require investment (usually in the form of money). Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees.

The easiest way to ensure business funding is to try and find the best lenders, the ones that offer good small business loans, like Camino Financial.

But, how to find small business funding that fits your needs and possibilities? It might seem like an impossible mission that means a ton of paperwork, incomprehensible, complicated economic language and not so kind bank personnel.

To debunk these myths, we’ve decided to share the experience of three small business owners who needed to find the best small business loans.

A foodie with a dream but no funding

Jodie is a foodie and cook enthusiast, and one day she decided to pursue her passion and opened a small soup bar.

After initial success, Jodie noticed that she could purchase more chairs and tables for the dining area and in that way to serve even more clients (and that meant even more profits). However, to take advantage of that opportunity, she needed business funding.

So, Jodie decided to apply for a business loan.

First, her application was rejected, her business was still very young. Not willing to give up, Jodie looked for an untraditional lender that couldn’t give her a loan but did offer some good advice. They advised her to wait a couple of months until her business had been operating for nine months and then to apply for a business loan.

She did so and, nine months later the untraditional lender gave her the loan she much needed.

Now she has more happy clients, more profit, and more dreams to fight for.

Walk the catwalk towards a business loan and success

David is a designer who makes unique leather shoes for women.

He got an offer from a famous clothes designer to create the shoes for his fashion show. This opportunity would take David’s business to the next level, but unfortunately, he didn’t have enough funds to purchase the necessary material.

He then decided to apply for a business loan.

It took him some time to find the right lender. One bank offered high-interest rates, the other one had short payment terms, but the third bank offered him affordable rates with favorable payment options, so David got the funds to seize his opportunity.

Now all the fashionistas and fashion savvy women in town are trying to get a pair of leather shoes.

A business loan can mean new clients

Jack has been running an auto shop business for ten years. After operating for such a long time, his business started to stagnate: always the same number of clients and always the same profit. He knew he could get even more clients, but needed to make some costly adjustments to the business.

Jack decided to invest in marketing and advertising to attract more customers and increase his profit. However, his budget didn’t allow these additional expenses, so he opted for a business loan.

He did research online and looked into various options that lenders offered. He found a lender with convenient terms, so he sent an online application for a business loan. Afterward, loan specialists contacted David, and together they found the best solution to ensure small business funding.

Now he’s getting more new customers than he ever thought possible.

What are you waiting for? Find the business loan that best suits you

As you can see, finding the best business loans can be done, just remember to:

  • Do your research before reaching out to the banks. Get familiar with all the options and be aware of your possibilities and needs.
  • Contact various lenders to ensure more options and choose the best one.
  • Pay attention to interest rates, payment options, funding period and eventual penalties.

With a small business loan, your business won’t stagnate anymore, and you will be able to seize all the great opportunities that life throws your way.


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